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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Knots are annoying. It doesn’t matter if they’re in a fishing line, a silver necklace, a shoelace, a ball of yarn, a length of thread, a watering hose, or the hair on your head.

But the worst kind of knots are those you can’t see. In fact, maybe you never even thought of the aches and pains in your body as knots. Go to Google® and put in “knots in the body,“ and 68 million results show up for the back, neck, stomach, head, and the bottom of the feet. You can learn about what they mean, why they’re painful, even if they’re good or bad.

Personally, this is too much information for me. I’m commenting only because this afternoon at 2:30, I shall visit my knot specialist who will handle this for me. A one hour massage is all it takes.

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