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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


So . . . if you’re not on the Spectacled Bear mailing list or my own Anne Brandt mailing list, you wouldn’t know that we launched the publishing company site forty-eight hours ago. After months of preparation, we are ready to debut our first book, Philip & Phoebe, and begin what we believe will be a wonderful career as a publishing company.

A company that believes “gentle” reads should be a niche unto itself. Just like vampires and paranormal and chick lit are. Only gentler. Of course, it mirrors the bigger picture; that of our society mired in catcalling candidates, calculated confrontations, and confusing conundrums. Gentle is a difficult sell these days.

But that is what Spectacled Bear is all about.  This is not to be confused with boring. One can be gentle without putting readers to sleep.  Visit www.spectacledbear.com, order Philip & Phoebe, and see for yourself.

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