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Lazy Afternoon

In years past, Earl and I would often spend Saturday afternoon sharing some trivial activity.  Like going to the grocery store together.  Or getting a hot dog. Or visiting an antique shop.

I don’t know what happened to that habit, but somewhere along the way – as we became busier with our individual interests – it disappeared.  I admit it was probably replaced with Date Night, that one evening a week when we go to dinner together and I admonish Earl if he checks his cellphone.

Still . . . a casual Saturday in warm, sunny weather is a wonderful thing.  And, spontaneously, that’s what we did today.

First, we slept in with no alarm reminding us that the sun had risen. Then we enjoyed our separate morning beverages – I’m working on trying to appreciate tea – and decided to go out for a couple hours, agreeing to meet at the door at Noon.

From there, we visited a fireplace shop to learn about options for that cozy home addition. We like ours, but it really needs an upgrade. Then we went to Target for lingerie (for me, not Earl) and finally home where I began to make chili with whatever I had in the pantry.

Now it’s pushing 10:00 PM.  We’re both back in our separate worlds: he’s watching television and playing solitaire while I’m reading and writing. But our lazy afternoon still makes me smile.

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