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Lessons from the Michigan Primary

It’s today, but I’m still caught in yesterday and watching the Republican primary contests in Arizona and Michigan. They were both called for Romney. Then I watched the breakdown, county by county, of how Michigan voted. The county where I live voted for Santorum.

I also listened to Santorum’s and Romney’s speeches and disagree wholeheartedly with the various political commentators’ analysis. They thought Santorum was passionate and complimented the fact that he spoke extemporaneously. I thought he rambled, was off point, and spoke way too long.

They thought Romney had to nail this speech and doubted his abilities, given his penchant for putting his fancy shod foot into his possibly dentally enhanced mouth. His wife was the opening act, although the commentators spoke over her; so I have no idea what she said. As for Mitt, I hadn’t seen him this animated in weeks. He may have been speaking from notes or from a teleprompter, but his message was well worded. Even if you don’t agree with them, somebody took time to craft some well-structured phrases.

Of course, when Romney says he’ll repeal “Obamacare,” he omits the fact that it’s Congress that can repeal this measure. The President by himself can’t repeal anything. He’s the executive branch, not the legislative one. When he says he’ll see that gas is $2.50 a gallon, it’s as if he’s going to do this single-handed. C’mon. Are we that stupid to assume he can?

I’m not singling out Romney. Instead, I find the same problems with all the candidates running for office, regardless of party affiliation. They make dramatic speeches claiming to be our country’s version of Superman, only they omit the fact that they really cannot fly.

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