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Life After the Drain

I don’t know what I expected once the drain was out of my life. Wait, yes I do! I expected a great sense of relief that I no longer had to be careful not to dislodge it, that I could wear less baggy clothing that concealed it, that I could sleep in any position I wanted, and that I could move my right arm any way I wanted.

I suppose three out of four isn’t bad, but my right arm is still numb and somewhat immobile. Not raising it more than 90 degrees in any direction for the past four weeks, plus the incision and the drain wound on that side, has made it stiff.

I’m not really complaining; I’m chastising myself for expecting to return to “normal” in one day. Normal will take much longer.

But I did take a real shower and wash my hair this morning, and I met with the home care physical therapist this afternoon. She gave me several exercises that could help my arm become limber again. If you’ve ever had a frozen shoulder, you can relate. I’m motivated because I can’t start radiation (I haven’t even written about that or chemo yet.) until I can put both hands above my head.

New challenges that made today only an 8.

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