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Making Space

I’m not usually a pack rat.  When you’ve moved as many times as I have (34), you learn what to keep and what to toss. I’m good at the tossing. Except . . .

I got this message a few days ago that said my recording capacity on my television was filled.  My DVR, as it’s called, can’t hold another program unless I delete some that I’ve saved.  So I set to work watching all the stored programs and making choices.

The most recently recorded program was “A Capital Fourth,” the annual live Fourth of July celebration from our nation’s capital.  I watched it and hit delete.  Didn’t need to see Barry Manilow in close-up again.  Or Neil Diamond. Then I watched the 2013 Tony Awards, the annual homage to Broadway. Love that show.  Watched it twice, hit delete.

Through the list I went.  Deleted that old-time movie “Give My Regards to Broadway” with Jimmy Cagney.  It didn’t really hold up under today’s standards. Deleted a documentary about Woody Guthrie on his one hundredth birthday anniversary.  It wasn’t what I’d hoped.  Deleted Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and Carol Burnett.

Kept Celtic Thunder’s two annual shows. I love that music. And kept twenty episodes of “The Closer,” one of my all-time favorite TV programs.  I suspect, however, that as time passes “The Closer” will succumb to the delete button too. Probably not Celtic Thunder.

So now I have plenty of space to record new programs. But what this taught me is that programs with music are what I like best. I’ll keep this in mind as I begin to fill my DVR again.

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