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Memory Lane

The three and a half years I spent in St. Louis in my youth were magical. I was a tween and a teen back then; and I had the greatest friends in the world.

Most of us lived within walking distance of the school we attended. We didn’t walk together in the morning, but we certainly congregated in the afternoon. We got enough distance between us and the school, so that we could lob snowballs at each other in winter and eat six-cent ice cream cones from Ellsworth Drug Store before summer ended the school year.

We were as thick as the proverbial thieves.  Only we’re still connected where most thieves have had a falling out along the way.

It’s an amazing journey.  If you want to read the yin and yang of it, go to my Potpourri section; as I’ve dissected the last three reunions at length.  I don’t intend to do it this time.

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