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Memory’s Tug

Keith and Chris gave me a snow globe several years ago that had two scenes of New York City.  One was above ground and showed various famous skyscrapers, while one was below ground and showed various subway stops.  It is charming.

Additionally, you wound the key for the music from Leonard Bernstein’s “New York, New York” rather than a Barry Manilow or Frank Sinatra version from the late twentieth century.

Now that I’ve moved my “office” into my piano room, I’ve found the perfect place for this snow globe.  It sits on a shelf at eye level above my computer.  The book beneath it is called “Grand Central: Gateway to A Million Lives.” I look at the globe and reminisce about times gone by when I went to New York for Fred Flare, the company Keith and Chris started. The company that closed in 2013.

I never miss the work I did . . . except when I play “New York, New York” and watch the bus and the taxi move ‘round inside the globe. And I recall what a wonderful time that was.

Maybe that’s what snow globes are meant to do.

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