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More Memory Lane

Earl continues to mine the treasures of various boxes from his parents’ home. We’ve stored them for several years, but now we’re intent on going through them and deciding what’s worth saving.

Today we found a birthday card to Earl from his mother, sent when he was celebrating his sixth birthday. It’s a keeper, if you ask me, since Earl is celebrating his seventy-sixth birthday in August. This card could well turn out to be the oldest memory he has of Velma.

We also found a recipe for hush puppies and a news article that Bing Crosby’s first wife, Dixie Lee, was from Tennessee. Who knows what will turn up next?

I do know one thing. Earl’s penchant for clipping items from the paper is genetic; both his father and mother did the same thing. While I can’t tell if it is a dominant or recessive gene, I’m sure Gregor Mendel would agree that Earl’s habit of saving clippings is on his DNA. At least now, I won’t be so frustrated with it.

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