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More New Tricks

There are things you take for granted until you can’t do them. Then you realize how important reclaiming that ability is. In cases of stroke, for instance, I imagine that often the patient never regains full recovery. At least not without a ton of work.

My situation really called for only half a ton, but it was still daunting. Reaching something on the top shelf with my right arm was impossible a few weeks ago. So was hooking my bra from the back. Or simulating the arm movements for the various swimming strokes I once took pride in doing.

But today’s physical therapy session with Amanda showed how far I’ve come.  I can do all three of the things mentioned above. Not to the same degree that my left arm can do. But I’m getting there. Arm-anda, as I’ve nicknamed my right arm, is coming along swimmingly. (Pun intended.)

It may not really fall under the category of “new tricks,” but I am organizing my life for the next weeks as self-centered as possible without completely ignoring family and friends. I plan to do activities that help keep my morale up and my stress level down. I’m going to have facials, still see Amanda, respond to as many friends’ emails each day that I can, and arrive at the local hospital every day at 3:30 PM for the daily zap.

To do this, I’ve talked with a personal chef, have hired someone to help with the copious tax paperwork Earl and I generate, and am indebted to two friends who are helping with my Spectacled Bear project. The only thing left is to find someone who’ll iron for me, but that’s probably asking too much.

I haven’t given a number to a day in a long time, but today was a 9.

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