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New Arrivals

Today the postal person dropped a box on my doorstep.  It was my most recent order from Bas Bleu, the little book company I dearly love.  You want quirky?  It has quirky. Google® it for confirmation.

The latest order included the candles for my upcoming June birthday.  I’m beyond the age where you can fit all the required number of candles on a single cake, much less blow them out in one breath.  (Unless it’s a giant sheet cake and you have minions to help.) So I got a set of Roman numerals.  For this pending birthday, we need only three candles: LXX.

I also ordered a copy of 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70.  The book is a collection of advice from such contributors as Judith Viorst, May Sarton, and Mark Twain. It’s not that I need ideas, but I thought I’d see what others were up to at this age.

Finally, the USPS package held The Naturally Clean Home with 150 super easy herbal formulas for green cleaning and Death Poems with my nominee for the longest subtitle:  Classic, Contemporary, Witty, Serious, Tear-Jerking, Wise, Profound, Angry, Funny, Spiritual, Atheistic, Uncertain, Personal, Political, Mythic, Earthy, and Only Occasionally Morbid.

I’ve planned to give the former book to my cleaning lady and the latter to my son, whose dream is to be Poet Laureate of the country. I just need to make sure I don’t mix them up. Or substitute the seventy things to do on turning seventy.

Ah, life’s a challenge.

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