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New Trainer

I met a trainer today at the new health club I joined recently. He is the next in a long line of trainers that I’ve had since my days at the East Bank Club in Chicago.  Some have been good, some have not.  Only one has been great. So I’m holding her up as the base line comparison to this new person.

So far . . . I’m impressed.  Dylan didn’t talk a lot about his achievements and credentials.  He stuck to the work at hand.  He asked intelligent questions about the various forms I filled out and didn’t argue when I said I wouldn’t keep track of my diet for three days.  He weighed me and checked my body mass index and my cardio abilities and did it all in the allotted hour.  Given that the new health club and I have gotten off on the wrong foot since last January, Dylan did a great job in righting what has been wrong so far.

I look forward to what comes next.

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