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New Tricks

Last night I lay in bed, coaxing sleep to come. It didn’t accept the invitation.  So I began thinking about all the things I’ve been able to do that I couldn’t do four weeks ago. For instance, Duane the drain and I were inseparable, not by choice but by circumstance. But exactly one day after the four weeks, Duane was booted from the scene with no regrets on my part.

Since then, like a puppy, I’ve learned to roll over and sleep on all sides of my body.  This doesn’t sound like much, but after sleeping in one position for over a month (due to Duane), it’s a great joy. I have attained almost full mobility of the affected arm, which was essential for starting radiation.

I feel almost perky at times, although it doesn’t last. Still, this is more like my previous self, and friends make comments like, “You seem more you.” Yes, I do.

It’s a great respite before starting radiation, since I’m not sure who I shall feel like down the road. I only hope sleep will come comfort me then since it didn’t come last night.

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