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Off to South Bend

Normally when I visit South Bend, Indiana, it’s for a doctor’s appointment to make sure cancer hasn’t returned to stalk me. But not this time. I’m off to become stylish. Or at least try.

And, when I attempt to become stylish, I always ask Earl’s daughter, Adaire, to help. She is quite a fashion maven. She comes with me, sends me off to the dressing room, and gathers clothing that might work. It’s a great system, since I don’t have to dress, undress, redress, and undress again to try on multiple clothes. It’s like having one’s own personal fashion assistant.

However, today I’m on my own, since Adaire is in Las Vegas and I’m not. And I’m going to New York City next week and don’t want to look too frumpy. Cancer isn’t even a consideration.

I called Adaire a couple days ago for help. In brief, these are the tips that will define my shopping foray. Skinny jeans are still in, but not so skinny that they show “everything.” Colored jeans are in too. So are trench coats and cap toed shoes. A really good white T-shirt is a must.

With these simple guidelines, I plan to visit Talbot’s and search the petite racks. Wish me luck, because nobody wants to be frumpy in New York City.

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