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On the Grid

At exactly 6:35 PM last night power was restored to our humble abode.  We had heard that it could be another two to four days.  So when the lights came on, it was unexpected.  I was watering flowers, and Earl yelled “Power’s on.” I wasn’t sure I’d heard correctly.

But I had.  I came inside and we just laughed.  Laughed because we’d survived it.  Laughed because it was over. Laughed because we could replenish our freezer and fridge and do laundry and dishes and watch TV and even have air conditioning if we wanted.

At the same time, I learned a few things in the blackout.  I learned that there are many activities I like that don’t require electricity – playing piano, reading, washing my car, watering my plants.  I also learned Earl didn’t find those things so satisfying. But he managed with his super-duper smart phone and his equally super-duper iPad.

So now that we’re reconnected, I’m thinking I’ll limit the time I spend on my computer so that I can read, play piano, write, garden, and generally hang out. Thank you, Electric Company.

And thank you too for giving Earl’s TV back to him.

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