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Please Reimburse

Dear Governor Snyder: Enclosed is a bill for $130.54, which is the cost of a new tire for my car. I’m submitting it as a credit on my state income tax, since a giant Michigan pothole is responsible for ruining the old tire, causing me undue emotional stress, the cancellation of various activities, and two visits to my local car dealer within three days.

You might think, “Why didn’t she just avoid the pothole?” Believe me, I tried.  In fact, I always try unless it puts me in the path of oncoming cars, black ice, or ditches. (I still have a penchant for living.)

The thing is, if I fall on a neighbor’s sidewalk there can be some liability on my neighbor’s part. If I purchase something at the store and it is defective, it can usually be replaced. And when some activity I paid for is cancelled, a refund is forthcoming. Well, the pothole was on state property; it certainly made the road defective; and I’m sure that my regular tax bills include something for road maintenance.

Which brings me to another point: I have only seen trucks filling potholes once in the past few months.  Maybe where I live it isn’t a priority for you – I know you have greater problems in Flint — but when potholes the size of small Grand Canyons require me to purchase a new tire, they certainly move up my priority ladder.

So, given the lack of attention to the potholes in Berrien County, it seems reasonable that somewhere in your coffers there is $130.54 that can be credited to my state income tax. I’ll let my accountant know. Best regards, Anne Brandt

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