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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


We were supposed to have company for the weekend, but in the end the visit was postponed. Honestly, as much as I wanted to see one of my dearest friends and her husband, it was the right decision.

Instead, I’ve spent time getting ready for radiation. Stocked up on Ivory® soap, which is recommended for use over my fancy monogrammed soap. Didn’t stock up on deodorant, since its use is not recommended at all.

Set my alarm clock for 7 AM. This is a first. I don’t believe I’ve set this clock since I got it. But part of doing well with radiation is to have a regular routine and follow it. Which has made me make a general plan for each day.

Up at 7 AM; bathe and dress; do things that make me happy – piano, reading, exercising, writing. After lunch, a power nap before I head to the hospital for my radiation appointment. Then home for a healthy dinner and whatever “leftovers” I didn’t get to during the day.

I also made some crock pot meals today: potato soup, chicken and rice casserole, Salisbury steak. Am sending them straight to my freezer to be ready when the notorious fatigue sets in. Practiced my power napping too. Actually this was the most fun of all.

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