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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


I’m not one who settles for less than what I know I can do. I was active prior to this cancer diagnosis and treatment. And I want to get back to the same levels of strength, balance, and flexibility I had last summer.

So there are two PTs in my life.  The first is my physical therapist, A, and the second is my personal trainer, C. They don’t know each other, but they are on the same page.

Once a week, A works on the flexibility of my right arm. I’ve been remiss of late at doing the various at-home arm exercises; that plus the effects of radiation have made Right Arm regress. Today A took measurements and Left Arm can raise to the number 160, whatever that means. But Right Arm can raise only to 150. It’s negligible and doesn’t impede most activities. But from my perspective Right Arm needs to step up. That’s code for “Anne needs to do the exercises.”

I see C, the personal trainer, twice a week; and we work on strength and range of motion. Even though I try, that too seems to be affected by the radiation. The good news is that tomorrow is the last of my “deep” radiation. Next week, it’s only the booster version.

With radiation almost behind me, I hope to make progress with both PTs. None of us expects any less.

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