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Retirement Routine

My Spring travels are behind me, as is tax preparation and other commitments.  So I’m planning on settling into some sort of routine to insure the hours I once clocked on a job aren’t frittered away.  Frittering is something I’ve already mastered.

I want to play piano daily, workout at least five times a week, and catch up on that huge pile of reading materials I’m hiding from Book Club members who are coming to my home in the morning.  I want to cook more and learn to enjoy it. I want to garden and keep up with long-distance friends and return to serious writing, which has always taken a back burner because it’s hard work.

Most of these activities were part of my work life; but they all waited in the wings for cameo appearances as I spent the last ten years with a main character named Fred Flare, Inc. I loved it, but I find I love post-Fred too. The supporting activities are now front and center.

Tomorrow, May 1, I’m implementing my new routine. Play piano first thing with a cup of coffee. (Before Book Club) Revel in how far eleven years of piano lessons has brought me. Get dressed. After Book Club, write that query letter I’ve been stalling on for a month.  It’s the hard work part of the day.  Then attack that pile of unread material I’ll take out of hiding. Keep touch with friends via email. Make Chinese stir fry for dinner.

And appreciate every single moment.

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