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She Made My Day

Went to Meijer today for a tomato, and ended up buying forty-nine dollars’ worth of groceries.  Pricy tomato!

Still, it was worth it.  I also bought tonic and a bottle of vodka with the tomato and the Chicago Tribune. Lemons too.

Now Meijer has self-service checkout lanes, and when you have only a handful of items they are really easy to navigate.  However, alcohol requires that a staff member check your ID.  So I chose a standard checkout lane with a human to scan my items.

She must have been new; because she followed every rule, even the one where Meijer reserves the right to check your ID if you look under the age of forty and you’re purchasing alcohol.

For the record, I’m considerably over forty and haven’t been carded in who-knows-how-long.  Still she asked for an ID, and I complied as the next-in-line laughed.  So . . . who should I believe?  The clerk who thought I needed carding?  Or the next shopper who obviously didn’t think so?

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