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Slugdom Persists

On September 20, I wrote about becoming an athletic slug. No, it’s not an oxymoron; what I mean was that my former interest is staying fit had all but abandoned me and I was giving up exercise.

But now it’s worse than that. It’s been over ten days since I last blogged; almost a week and I’m still doing the most recent batch of ironing, and at least four days since I helped Earl finish the daily crossword puzzle. And forget my email inbox; it’s on steroids while I’m not.

Instead I’m succumbing to inertia, and this isn’t really like me. It’s true I’m not a bundle of energy first thing in the morning, but as the day wears on I gather momentum. Or at least I once did.

I’ve considered the usual reasons for such malaise.  Maybe I’m sick and don’t know it. Maybe I’m depressed and don’t know it (although I’m pretty certain I would know it). Maybe I’ve had a busy summer and am just resting before autumn’s activities and travels kick in. Or maybe I’m getting used to being a slug.

There is one quarter of the year left, and I’ve decided October 1 is the perfect day to begin combatting slugdom. I haven’t gone swimming, nor have I tackled my inbox. But I did finish the ironing and am returning to my blog with a confession of my condition. I’m hoping that being accountable publicly will help. Is there anyone out there who wants to form a support group?

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