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Spectacled Bear Publishing

So, without a lot of research, back in December I decided to start my own publishing company. I floated the idea with some friends who were supportive, actually excited, since they all knew how much I love to write and would love even more to be published.

For the record, let it be known that I am published. I’ve had my work included in various magazines, anthologies, and one hard cover title, The Square Root of Someone, which is a collection of personal essays. I’ve also won a variety of writing contests.

I have written for over fifty years and am convinced I have something more to say than what has already been recorded. At my age, I don’t have time to woo agents in their thirties and forties who recognize good writing but don’t feel they can sell it to their connections.  I understand completely.

So Spectacled Bear was born. And, believe me, it’s a lot more challenging than I’d originally thought to put a serious publishing company – as opposed to a front for self-publishing – together. But I persist.

I’m loving every minute of the process, which must mean I’m supposed to do this.

More to come . . . and, please, if you know someone who might like to receive my monthly newsletters about SB and its first book, tell them to visit either this website or www.spectacledbear.com and sign up.

Another photo next time.

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