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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


If the Midwest is called the breadbasket of the country for its wheat fields and other farming staples, then southwestern Michigan should be called the fruit and vegetable stand. From May through October, little stands sprout all over the county, beckoning the shopper to buy locally and enjoy.

Today I bought tomatoes that were on the vine yesterday, instead of going to the supermarket and buying ones that were probably shipped green from out-of-state. I bought an amazing cucumber too

In fact, I’ve just joined a local coop where I’ll get fresh fruits and vegetables once a week from a local farmer who’s tired of shipping product to Florida for repackaging before it’s sent back to Michigan. I salute him.

Suffice to say I’m becoming spoiled with all this produce in my back yard. In fact, when corn arrives we always ask the owner of the roadside stand if it was picked “this morning.” We don’t want it if it wasn’t.

How spoiled is that?

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