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Staying Home

This has been a year of travel for me:  Costa Rica in March, the Boston Marathon in April, a visit with a friend in May, a visit in Chicago with another friend in early June, upstate New York the end of June, Fargo the end of July, etc.  All the while Earl kept the proverbial home fires burning.

But now I’m staying put for six weeks, and – truthfully – I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping to get into a rhythm regarding exercise, piano practice, gardening, reading, and even cooking without having part of my brain thinking about getting to the airport. Or finding the hotel.

My Mother was quite a world traveler. She had once been a flight attendant in the days they were called stewardesses and continued that love of travel into her seventies, long after she relinquished her TWA wings. The lure of a trip was strong to the end. But, as she was returning from some adventure, she was wont to say, “I love to go, but I love to come home.”

We didn’t agree on a lot, my mother and I, but that pretty much sums it for me too.

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