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Super Tuesday

Today ten states across our country held their primaries to see who gains votes toward being the next Republican presidential candidate. As I write this, some states have already been called, and the trend is clear. Romney has won; Santorum has won; even Gingrich – who is currently giving a victory speech – has won. And, in the end, nobody has really won.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Earl and I have won. And it has nothing to do with politics or CNN, FOX, or MSNBC. It has to do with what we did today. On the spur of the moment we went to Tarpon Springs, Florida, which is a distance off the nearest Interstate. But Earl had studied about Tarpon Springs’ history and wanted to see what the Greek immigrants who settled here over one hundred years ago created.

They created one of the largest natural sponge industries in the world, an industry that has seen a revival in recent years. Because of this, we had gyros in a wonderful Greek restaurant, saw a film about the sponge industry, and took a boat ride into the gulf to see manatees, ospreys, and dolphins. I bought a sponge at The Sponge Factory and pumped the proprietor about how to use it to grow plants. Then we returned to the Greek restaurant for a glass of Roditis before heading up the road. As we drove on, Earl exclaimed that it was a super day. It was our Super Tuesday.

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