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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.

Surgeon’s Report

Today was my first post-op visit with the physician who did my surgery last week. He is a matter-of-fact kind of guy, wastes no words, and is an authority on Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a general of the Civil War. I mention this last, because once he shared the medical news, that was how we really connected.

Earl is a Civil War buff too, and before we left the examining room Dr. R. invited him to join a local civil war group. So history brought my husband and my surgeon together as much as the cancer itself. Did I mention that Dr. R and Earl go to the same church?

Yeah, it’s spooky!

And the report? Stage 2B cancer with two lymph nodes out of eight involved. Still a long row to hoe, but one more piece of information to absorb and use. And because the drain that was inserted during the surgery isn’t ready to come out, we get to see Dr. R weekly for the near future.

Who knows what other connections we’ll unearth.

On a scale of 1 to 10, today was a 9. No nap, feeling perky. More tomorrow.

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