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There are not a lot of opportunities to swim in this community.  Neither St. Joseph nor Benton Harbor has a public pool, so that leaves only the local Y or the South Shore Health and Racquet Club for those who love the water.  I belong to South Shore.

It is a busy pool and, according to the pool director, accommodates approximately seven thousand swimmers a month.  Of course, many swimmers double dip; so it’s really seven thousand swimming experiences we’re talking about here.

Still, it’s significant.  Which mean that people like me who enjoy swimming laps must sign up for a lap lane in advance.  Each swimmer is entitled to thirty minutes of time before relinquishing the lane to the next signee.

Today mine was the 10 AM slot.  Being a couple minutes late, I was eager to get going.  Position my fins; tighten my goggles; grab my float board for the first few laps. Off I went.

I did my half hour and looked around to see if the next swimmer had arrived.  Nobody claimed my lane, so I kept going. It was the first time I’d ever been able to do this, so I want to thank the person who didn’t show up for his or her thirty minutes after mine.  You made my day!

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