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Technology and Me

I must have done something terribly wrong to offend the Techno-Gods, because this last week has been fraught with all kinds of problems.  For starters, the server that hosts my website shut it down . . . twice.

It’s not as if I’m a retail site and am dependent on Internet marketing for financial survival.  Still, my words are my currency; and I don’t like not being able to blog when the mood strikes.

Turns out someone or several someones attempted to figure out my User ID and password to get into the back end of my site.  In the space of a few hours, there were 46,685 “hits” to it. In techno-parlance, this is called a brute force attack; and I felt as vulnerable as if my own home had been invaded. I felt as helpless too.

The problem isn’t completely solved yet, but at least you are able to read me again.  And, no, there is no danger to your computer from all this.  However, my VOIP telephone now is on the fritz and requires a technician from Comcast to visit our home. So you can read me, but can’t call to offer your sympathies.

Perhaps I should contact my good friend, a noted astrologer, and find out what the stars say. Or maybe go to confession. Or change servers.

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