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Teeth . . . And Other Bothersome Things

The bad news is that I need some serious dental work if I want to enjoy eating for the rest of my life. The good news is that I have a wonderful dentist who is up to the job. The question is: Am I up to it?

Intellectually, of course I am.  But you have to understand that I had my first root canal at the age of ten, and dentistry wasn’t the painless profession it can be today. Memories of those early experiences make me almost fetal in a dentist’s chair. However, I’ll grit my teeth (No pun intended.) and think of what wonderful things I’ll eat when it’s over.

Then there’s the recent Town Hall Debate.  I didn’t see it and have no regrets. I only wish there were less than four weeks to go until this presidential election is over. I’m gritting my teeth about this too.

And Gordon Lightfoot, a musical idol of mine for years. Earl and I paid dearly to see him a couple nights ago, but we left at Intermission. I needed to do that to preserve my memories of his wonderful lyrics and his wonderful voice.  The first remained, but the second didn’t. I’ve made a vow not to pay to see aging rockers and balladeers anymore. After seeing Simon and Garfunkel, Eric Clapton, and now Gordon Lightfoot – and hoping they were as good now as they were then – I’ve learned my lesson.

Then there’s the University of Notre Dame football team and the Chicago Bears. Enough said!

Finally, we need to find a different supplemental health insurance plan for Earl.  It’s a long story, and it’s boring. But the bottom line is that this is a project that will take at least ten to twenty hours to solve before December rolls around.  It wouldn’t be that difficult, except that everyone we’ve spoken with wants to refer us to someone else for answers. Maybe there aren’t any.

Still, with Haiti having been devastated once again by a hurricane and political strife rampant in many countries, these are all First World problems. Thanks for listening anyway.

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