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For the first time in ten years, Earl and I spent Thanksgiving with his side of the family instead of mine.  It was a fluke that we did so, but it was a wonderful fluke.

We journeyed to Earl’s grandson’s where the traditional feast was held.  In many ways it had the same rituals that we’ve enjoyed in Denver, Colorado, with my family.  The turkey, the stuffing, the various sides served buffet style.  The football game, the catch-up conversations.

But there were differences too. For one thing there were babies, something my side of the family has outgrown; we have young men.  For another there were dogs; my side has outgrown them too. And there was more than one cook, which means there was more than plenty of food.

What I noticed most, however, was the sense of family.  More than one guest agreed that Thanksgiving was his or her favorite holiday because it’s mostly about being together. I’ve heard that same sentiment on my side of the family as well.

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  1. adaire says:

    Thank you for being with us, Anne. I love the blog post, and we loved your and dad’s company even more……ap

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