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The Cove

Another couple, Earl, and I visited The Cove in South Bend this evening to enjoy farm-league baseball at its finest.  The home team Silverhawks, a feeder team for the Arizona Diamondbacks, play there. Sure, I know some people think farm-league ball isn’t much, that it’s only the major teams that count.  But let me tell you, these team members play their hearts out for a chance to move up to the big time.

The Cove has moved to the big time too.  Earl and I have caught a game every summer there as long as we’ve lived in Michigan.  The ambiance beats Wrigley Field and US Comerica any day. So does the price.

But what we saw this year was astounding.  Someone – not sure who – has put a lot of money into making this the best farm team stadium around.  Since the last time we were there, major renovations have taken place.  There is now a store that sells baseball memorabilia that took one million dollars to renovate.  There is a lounge with a full bar, a raft of children’s activities, and little alcoves all over the place where attendees can relax.  It’s a family friendly atmosphere if ever there was one.

We learned this renovation made the stadium worth over $35 million dollars.  We also learned the home team, the Silverhawks, made the playoffs.  So what could be better? 

Play ball!

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