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The New Me

Perhaps it started when I stopped working a year ago.  Or maybe it was because I lost first place in Google® to a photographer of the same name about this time last year. Then again, it could have just been serendipity.

Regardless, I’ve decided my website needs an overhaul, my “brand” needs updating, and my presence on social media needs attention.  In other words, if I want to attract more readers, I should move into the twenty-first century.

The truth is: I want more readers.  The various successes I’ve had with the written word – including winning a contest here and there, publishing a book (The Square Root of Someone  is now available via Kindle.), and seeing my words printed in magazines encourages me.

In addition, I have a huge library of work, mostly unread by others, to put out there. I’ve written two adult novels, one children’s novel, a book of poetry, and a variety of short stories. I’ve written essays and over 1,500 blogs.  I was once the Grammar Grandma on Google® and learned that people seek solid advice about language. And it’s all on my website.

So I’ve hired a marketing firm to do the overhaul, create a better brand, and push my visibility on social sites.  You didn’t think I wanted to do this myself, did you?  In the coming months, there will be changes, and hopefully more people will be exposed to my work.  Maybe even an agent or two will want to contact me.  Maybe I’ll win the National Ten Minute Play Contest that I entered.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

But what won’t change is that it’s really all about the writing.

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