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Ten minutes to write. Less time to read.


Several weeks ago I received an offer I couldn’t resist. It was to have the Sunday New York Times delivered to my door for twenty percent less than it costs me to purchase at a newsstand. When the per copy price hovers at six dollars and I can have it delivered for $4.80, what’s not to like?

I told a friend about this “deal,” and she said she’d tried it a while back. But her delivery person wasn’t reliable and the paper didn’t always show up; so she canceled her subscription. I decided to try it anyway and went online to review the offer’s fine print.

You had to sign up for a year, and you had to pay each month in advance on a credit card; but you could cancel if you were dissatisfied. I clicked the button and became a Sunday only subscriber.

So far I’m thrilled. My paper arrives before I get up, and it is always securely wrapped in plastic. Someone called to make sure I’m happy and left a telephone number in case I’m not.

The NYT has a definite political bent, and many people disparage it for that. I understand. At the same time, there is so much other information about science, government, the arts, history, fashion, education, space, weddings, and funerals that even if you are a diehard conservative I believe you can find much of interest. Besides, the writing is top notch.

I used to buy the Chicago Tribune on Sundays at five dollars a pop. Believe me, the NYT – even at full newsstand price – far outshines the Windy City’s version of important news.

I’ve forsaken Chicago, where I lived many years, and have embraced New York . . . at least on the newspaper level. And I’m happy as a clam.

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