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This Past Week

What have I done since my last blog? Which is code for “Where has the time gone?” I’m no longer employed; yet, my days fill to capacity.

A couple friends and I saw another classic film, “North by Northwest.” And I had the same reaction as I’d had to “Casablanca.”  It was wonderful.  There was no swearing, no nudity (although plenty of clothed sexual innuendo), and no bloody violence.  Alfred Hitchcock directed it, so there was great suspense and tension too.

I’ve begun mall walking as an antidote to the harsh winter weather.  I’ve often pooh-poohed mall walking as a silly and half-hearted form of exercise; but being reduced to few outside walking options at the moment, it was time to reconsider.  Armed with my pedometer, I have visited Orchards Mall more than once and can attest that one complete circle of the outer perimeter is approximately six-tenths of a mile.  I’ve nodded at other walkers too, some strolling but others more intent.

I’ve cooked more than usual and found time to cast a critical eye over my cleaning person’s work. (I’m pickier about things when I’m less pre-occupied with deadlines and financial reports.)  Finished Nothing to Envy, the selection for my book club meeting this morning, without cramming at the last minute.

I’ve caught up on other reading. And am getting ready to meet with our accountant with the intent of filing our taxes on time this year. I’m also getting ready to vacation in Costa Rica one week from today.  Of course, that means the requisite tanning, haircut, pedicure, and manicure. And the requisite diet so as not to be the blob on the beach.

I’ve heard other friends say it, but didn’t really believe it. However, I can’t imagine how I ever found time to work!

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