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Titanic Revisited

First, a disclaimer: I am not a devotee of Donald Trump.

But this blog isn’t really about that. It’s about whether those in his party should unite behind their candidate for the sake of winning or should vote their consciences for the sake of the party’s traditional ideology.

Of course, if you love Trump, there’s no conflict.  But many in his party don’t. What should they do? I say, “Remember Titanic.”

Let’s assume Trump’s nomination is like the fabled ship. One of a kind. Unproven. Overly promoted and overly confident. Built by men who could not afford what she offered.

Titanic’s Captain, Edward Smith, said, “I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder.” Yet four days into its maiden voyage, Titanic went down, courtesy of an iceberg. Smith went down with it, but not before releasing his crew from their duties. His last documented words were “Well, boys, do your best for the women and children, and look out for yourselves.”

How does this relate to Republicans? Let’s assume the maiden voyage of the Good Ship Trump sets sail after the convention this summer. It’s moving quickly, gaining momentum under the unity call of the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. In essence, Priebus is the captain. He must cajole non-believers into joining the muster. And, should the voyage fail, his position requires he go down with the ship. Like Captain Smith, there is no other honorable choice.

But for others, perhaps they can do their best for women, children, and themselves either before the iceberg or after. I hope so.

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