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Trick or Treat

Halloween is four days away, and usually I avoid it like the plague. Earl and I darken our house and go out to a leisurely dinner somewhere until the proscribed time for Trick or Treat is over. Then we skulk home and hope no eggs have been thrown at our front door.

This year is different. It’s not that I’m embracing the tradition, but I am at least attempting to participate.

The early learning school across the street from where I live has invited the residents of my community to come Monday, October 31, at 1 PM and assemble in the gym. We’re to bring enough candy for 110 children who will parade in groups around us with their goodie bags. I know this school; I volunteered there to read to the children one year and loved every minute. So that memory hooked me. I’ll be there with the 230 pieces of candy I bought yesterday at Wal-Mart (220 for the kids, ten for me).

Then a friend of mine will be alone in the evening, since her husband is out of town. She has a very friendly dog and a lot of neighborhood children, so I invited myself over to help. I’m not a dog person, so she can hold her pet while I dispense the goodies to the kids. Or perhaps this is an opportunity to learn a little more about four-legged friends. Which means I can play with the dog and my two-legged friend can play with the children.

A report will be forthcoming . . .

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