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Tonight begins the three-night farewell to “American Idol,” the program that launched Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to superstardom and another dozen winners to modest fame. The fifteenth and final Idol will be crowned Thursday, but not before we are treated (or subjected, depending on your viewpoint) to a retrospective of the program’s history, its impact, its judges, and coaches.

Tonight is also the Wisconsin primary which portrays a different type of “Idol” (and I use the word loosely) on the American scene. The candidates can safely be said to be idols to their staunch fan base, while appearing somewhat less attractive to others.

Both programs have had advance promotion, and I’m in a quandary which one to watch as I do some overdue filing. Yeah, tedium on all fronts is the order of the evening.

I used to be an avid “American Idol” watcher through the years, but recently I found the show somewhat repetitive and boring. I’m not sure when I noticed this, but the season that featured Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey didn’t help. All they did was whine.

I’m becoming disenchanted with the primary season too. With fifty states doing their voting thing over several months, I feel as if I’ve had enough already. And there’s almost half the states to go. I understand the current system is a response to the old “back room decisions” at conventions of years ago. But perhaps we’ve swung the pendulum too far.

As for filing, I haven’t done it in almost a year. When I searched information for my accountant I knew exactly where to go for receipts; they were stacked in a pile in the closet. But the accountant is through with them, and I’m sure I can get a lot of filing done while switching back and forth between two weary shows on TV.

The real program I want is the Chicago Cubs game, but it’s from the West Coast tonight and doesn’t even start until long past my bedtime. Some people think baseball is akin to watching paint dry, but I submit it beats “American Idol” and all primaries hands down.

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