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Two Months and Counting

Earl, who loves Christmas, reminded me this morning that it’s only two months away. But then he’s been counting down every month since last Christmas. Still, it struck a chord, since my two sons and their partners are coming to celebrate this year.

It’s been at least six or seven years that my side of our family has all come for Christmas. This is special.

So tonight Earl and I are going on “Date Night” and discuss the upcoming holiday.  I’m hoping that because he loves it so much, he’ll have some good ideas on what would work.  Maybe even the possibility of creating a new tradition.

I imagine he’ll want decorations on steroids, a full recipe of his famous egg nog instead of half a one, perhaps a new Christmas tree, gifts.  Me?  I’m trying to recall what I did when my sons were little and wondering if there’s anything in the past worth re-creating. Perhaps I’ll check with them and see what they remember.

Homemade Christmas cookies, handmade gifts, a dinner menu that accommodates vegetarians and carnivores, snow, music . . . good grief!  Two months might not be enough time to get organized!

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2 responses to “Two Months and Counting”

  1. chris says:

    we’re so excited

  2. Carol Parks says:

    Butter is essential – no margarine allowed.

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