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Where Are They Now?

August 13 is the birthday of three people I know.  Well, that I knew. I’ve lost touch with two of them, but my calendar reminds me of their existence every year on this date.

The one person I’m still connected to is my cousin Kathy.  From time to time we email back and forth or have a phone chat, and I see her every Thanksgiving.  So I don’t count her among the missing.

But whatever happened to Bill and Katey?  The former was instrumental in helping us create an investment portfolio when we lived in Illinois, and the latter was a colleague of mine when I freelanced for a marketing firm in Chicago. I liked them both. Liked them well enough to add their birthdays to my calendar and send timely greetings.

But that was in the last millenium; and Lord knows we’ve all moved on.

Perhaps by now Katey goes by a married name and Bill is retired. Since we didn’t keep in touch, I have no way of knowing. As a last ditch effort, I tried finding Bill and Katey via LinkedIn; but no luck.  Maybe they’re on Facebook, but I’m not.  So maybe it’s time to remove them from my calendar, since they seem to be removed from my life.

On the other hand, at least I think about them and what they meant to me once a year.

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