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Boston Marathon

No, I’m not running the Boston Marathon on April 16 (four months from tomorrow), but I plan to be there to support my son Kevin who is. It’s his third Boston and also the fifth anniversary of the bombing. It’s his last marathon before turning fifty too.

We chatted today; shared what’s going on in Benton Harbor and Fargo, but really shared what’s going on in our lives. I’m on a self-imposed time schedule to make it to Boston in full recovery. Must get my arm mobile, then do 35 days of radiation, followed by a month or so when the side effects subside, followed by a trip to Boston. I already know it’s a daunting schedule, but I’m up for it.

As we chatted, Kevin said he had been slacking off on his training, given that Fargo this time of year is known for bone chilling temperatures, eternal snow, and insidious ice. None of this is a runner’s friend. So he suggested we tie my goal to be fit for Boston with his to be fit as well.

Marathoners train for a long time before each race; four months represents a short version of a good training cycle. But we plan to motivate each other after the holidays and show up in Boston ready for the challenge. For me, it’s an added incentive in a positive way. I think it is for him too.

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