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Christmas Dinner

The number of guests at my Christmas Day table continues to change as my sons and their partners struggle with relationship issues, travel issues, weather issues, and cat care issues.I can’t really solve any of that for them, but whoever manages to get here will be treated to wonderful comfort food, not only on Christmas Day but also throughout their visit.

But let’s focus on the Big Meal, the one that’s comparable to Thanksgiving. If you’ve read this blog regularly you know I’ve engaged a personal chef to prepare our Christmas Day dinner. And she had a challenge since some of us are carnivores, others pescatarians, some drink, some don’t, and one person has a nut allergy issue.

In a nutshell (probably not the best description after that last paragraph), there will be something for everyone without my having to shop, chop, cut, simmer, peel and devein, etc. Mindy Kasewurm will arrive before the holiday with everything ready, except for final heating at the last moment.  But that’s when guest Lonna goes into action.

For the record, here is our menu:  Appetizers: exotic cheese plate with dried apricots and other fruits with baguettes and crackers as well as jumbo shrimp cocktail.  Entre: For the meat eaters, there is beef tenderloin; for the fishy people, it’s sablefish. Then a kale and apple salad, followed by roasted Brussels sprouts (We also have someone who is vegetable-challenged, so he will not be partaking.) and roast potatoes.  Dessert is a pumpkin roll.

It may sound standard in some respects, but all participants will have a variety of foods they eat.  And the best part is that I don’t have to do any of the work. That will make Christmas Day a 9.9.

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