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Doc Day, #3

Every Tuesday after radiation Earl and I meet with the radiation oncologist. He examines my skin for potential redness and soreness and asks if we have questions. We usually do.

And he has answers. In fact, Dr. G is very generous with his answers and his time. In my experience, this is unusual, and both Earl and I appreciate it. He has a sense of humor too.

One of my questions today revolved around the use of sunscreen to avoid the side effects of radiation. Turns out it won’t work. But if I plan to do any topless bathing, once radiation is over, I should definitely use it liberally. Another question was about the area on my body that is being radiated. I thought it was the size of a six-inch ruler; turns out it’s more like a large washcloth. From the doctor’s point of view, this is the typical standard of treatment for breast cancer; for me it was a revelation.

It’s easy for a patient to misunderstand what a doctor thinks is perfectly clear. At least, when I have questions I can look forward to Doc Day to get them resolved.

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