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Doc Day #4

Yesterday we met with the doctor, and I came prepared with my weekly question.

“What happens when the radiation sessions are done?”

When I had ovarian cancer eight years ago, I needed a blood test every three months for two years after surgery; then every six months for another three years after that. So I wondered what the post-radiation process was.

Thankfully, it doesn’t involve needles. There is a visit with the doctor two weeks after the sessions end; another ten weeks after; and – if all looks good – we don’t meet again for a year. It seems easy enough.

But, knowing how the medical profession works, I’m sure there’s something I haven’t been told. Like “Your hair turns permanently green, so create your wardrobe accordingly.” Or “We didn’t mention that radiation causes you to glow in the dark.” Believe me, either of those side effects are better than needles for me!

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