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Food, Part One

Before I took my first cruise in 2001, I’d heard that the easiest way to put on five pounds was to take a four-day cruise to the Bahamas.  I’d also heard those four days were an endless party with a twenty-four hour buffet and bars to match. From the time one unpacked swimsuits and sandals until the time they were repacked, it was nothing but eat and drink, eat and drink, and eat and drink some more.

Let me set the record straight. What I’d heard was true . . .

But only for a segment of the passenger population.  The rest of us employs various techniques to keep that extra weight at bay.  For instance, Earl and I order breakfast in our room, so we’re not tempted to eat the pancakes, corned beef hash, sweet rolls, sausages, cheeses, hash browns, rice, omelets, grilled tomatoes, and bacon that represents only half of the breakfast buffet. We also try to limit ourselves to the same number of meals we have at home, since there is 24/7 temptation.  And, I’ve already noted that we walk everywhere rather than wait for an elevator.

This particular cruise we’ve met others who do the same thing.  It’s the first time they’ve come out of the closet, so to speak; and I’m wondering if it’s partly due to the current emphasis on better health, more exercise, and the right dietary choices.  I haven’t seen a single plate that looked as if it were a convict’s last meal.

But then again, perhaps it’s because there are more Brits than Americans on this ship.  It’s not just their accents that give them away.

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