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Get Back to Work

I must confess my energy level is no longer what I’d describe as “perky.” It’s true I haven’t experienced the harsher side effects that were described in all the literature about radiation for breast cancer. But I feel as if I’m slowly wearing down.

For one thing, the mobility in my right arm is becoming compromised even though I still see a physical therapist and work with a trainer. Is this due to radiation or to slacking off of the home exercises that have been prescribed? The one I have no control over; the other I do.

So I’m launching a final offensive to make Right Arm and Left Arm equal when this is all over. This means Right Arm reaches for that casserole dish on the top shelf. Or that coat hanger above my head. Or gets itself into a coat without wincing. Or does its exercises regularly.

I’ve also allowed myself to eat pretty much what I wanted these past few months. So perhaps the feeling of slowing down is due to that spare tire around my middle. Once the treatments are over, I’ll have to start deflating it too.

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