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Personal Chef

I thought I would be feeling the side effects of radiation by Week Three, which started today. So planning ahead, I hired a personal chef to prepare meals for this week. It seemed like a good idea to have some fresh alternatives, even though there was still food in our freezer.

Mindy showed up around 5 PM today with the meals. Her service includes discussing what the client wants to eat, doing all the shopping and preparation in her own kitchen, and delivering the final product. All the dishes were in glass containers and were fully cooked.  They could be refrigerated up to a week or frozen if necessary.  But the object of this was to eat fresh, so when Mindy said all dishes could be refrigerator for up to seven days, I began to see the real merit of this service.

I didn’t have to do the planning, shopping, storing, and preparing. My husband didn’t have to do dishes. And all the time we usually spend doing those things could be spent on something more satisfying.

Among the items Mindy brought were saffron chicken with roasted red pepper sauce over spaghetti squash, chipotle chicken and bean chili with roast sweet potatoes, and miso glazed cod and mushrooms with roasted Brussels sprouts. I probably wouldn’t have made any of these myself. Which was another reason to have someone else do the cooking occasionally.

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