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In the Bag

This year’s grade school reunion is in the bag. It included two great meals and a truly average one in a restaurant that we probably won’t visit again. This year it also included the creation of videos to email those who couldn’t attend. I was struck with how sincere they were. And also, how we all asked the missing classmates to make it next year.

Which is proof that the Cathedral Grade School lemmings will return.

This morning I drove my friend C, whom I’ve known for 65 years, to the St. Louis Airport for her flight to Austin, TX. Then the car turned east as I sat with the same ambivalence about this weekend that’s always been there. If you’re curious, put “Grade School Reunion” in the search field on my website, www.annebrandt.com and you’ll find more than one entry.

Will I go next year? Of course, it remains to be seen for all of us as we navigate health issues, family issues, and financial issues. Still, whether I attend or not – and, let’s face it, I probably will – I hope those missing classmates who got personal videos make it.

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