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Mole Update

About three weeks ago I lamented the state of my lawn and flower beds and declared war on the moles that had moved in over the winter.  I’m here to report they seem to have moved out after Michael and I launched a full-on attack.  Of course the season is young, and while we feel victorious we will stay vigilant.

I’m beginning to think the harsh winter was a blessing after all.  The yard was such a mess that we completely dug everything up and started over.  Pulled out the dead boxwood shrubbery, turned over every inch of soil in the flower beds, and decided that maybe this year we’d use more containers for flowers so that we can continue to harass any visiting moles.  We’ve worked for two days and everything is beginning to come together.

This is also the first summer I can remember where I wasn’t working, and digging in the dirt has become even more enjoyable.  I always liked it; but in the past I usually forsook that pleasure for some client’s deadline. Now I have enough time to watch everything grow. And make sure the moles don’t get in the way.

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