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One Done

My first week of radiation is behind me, with five and a half more to go. So far, I haven’t experienced any side effects that have slowed me.  In fact, if you believe all I’m doing is thinking about radiation because that’s all I’ve written about lately, think again.  Here are some of the other things I did this past week.

Saw “Paddington 2” with friends and cried my eyes out.  I’m not sure they’ll go with me again if the movie is sad, because I sniffle. Loudly at times. Went back to my trainer, whom I hadn’t seen since my surgery in November. We had two training sessions this past week, and what I learned is how much I’d lost by not working out. Then I mall walked three days with other friends. I am touched that someone is always at the mall when I want to walk. It’s as if there’s a Team Anne out there.

Had a piano lesson and practiced every day while watching a sunset. Both the practices and the sunsets were erratic, but still a pleasure. Also read one book and started another. And today I went to Costco in South Bend with Earl because we were almost out of toilet paper – only 11 rolls left – and he gets snarly about that sort of thing. But now we’re well stocked. We’re also well stocked on green olives too!

So it hasn’t all been about radiation this past week; it’s just that this is the new addition to my regular routine. And when I returned to blogging in November, I went on record as saying this was all about beating the little c. Giving it a Big C name gives it too much power.

Being who you are as much as you can be through all this is how the C gets smaller.

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  1. Earl Misch says:

    Good blog,as always. Love your attitude. Little c is losing power.

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