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Outlet Mall

The closest outlet mall is about thirty-five miles away as the interstate winds. The last time I was there it felt like many other malls do: on its last leg.

Today A and I went to Lighthouse Mall in Michigan City, and I was distinctly surprised. It’s Cyber Monday, and I think that means people are supposed to get the best deals shopping online. So there were plenty of empty parking spaces and no lines at the registers.

Still, we managed to find Talbots, Chico’s, Eddie Bauer, Lindt’s Chocolates, and Starbuck’s when we needed to warm our insides. There weren’t a lot of customers, so I hope Black Friday was good for the mall. I hope the entire Thanksgiving weekend was good too.

But even without throngs of people, the stores felt alive. Selection was great. Staffs were friendly and helpful. Sale pricing was abundant. It made me think the mall is not only surviving but possibly prospering.

With the exception of Banana Republic, which had “Going Out of Business” signs in its windows, and the Kitchen Store, which is closing this January.


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